Thursday, September 25, 2014

Deck & Railing

I've wanted a power-washer for a few years now, and this last summer I finally bought one. After buying one, I found all sorts of fun things to clean. From cars, to sidewalks, to porches and decks. The deck on the back of the house was completely grey and was starting to grow black and green fungus on it. I think that deck is about 20 years old, and has probably never been washed, and for sure it has never been sealed or stained.

Here is what the deck looked like 8 years ago when we moved in... it was already grey and weathered. Notice the tiny child... he is no longer tiny!
Old School Deck and Miles
 After power-washing the deck, it looked pretty nice and clean, the wood had regained some of its brightness, all the grey was gone.  Next step was too protect it, and before I did that, I decided to give the railings an update. I took all the old railings off and made new railings using treated lumber that I routered an edge on, and black aluminum spindles.
New Railings and stain

This was also a good time to dress up the stairs. I put in riser boards and new railings on them as well.

BEFORE: (The treads are already stained in this picture)
DURING: (Taking the old railings off, riser boards are installed but not stained)




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