Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Victorian Shed

 Another year gone, and I still don't have a garage... I figured I HAVE to build something though, and I needed the extra storage space. Plus what better way to practice building a garage, than to build a "small" version.  So here we have it, the "Victorian Shed".

From the ground up...  I started by digging down and setting 9 concrete pads. After that it is just a matter of framing the floor joists and getting everything level. I used treated 2"x8" lumber for this.

3/4" treated flooring is down, and now the walls can go up!

Things are really starting to take shape once the roof framing is started. I built this using a structural ridge beam. Meaning the large beam across the top is supported by each wall, and it carries the weight of the roof. This allows the shed to be wide open inside, with a cathedral ceiling. No joist ties are needed.

Next step after sheeting the roof and walls is to put up the soffits, drip edge, tar paper and shingles.

I replaced the front door on our house last year, so I was able to re-use the old one on the shed.


Lights are installed and siding about done.
I have to custom make the upper window.


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