Monday, March 2, 2009

Chimney - Up Top

Here's how things look up top now on the chimney. The new metal pipe sticks up out of the masonry about 3 inches. It is surrounded by mortar to fill the gap around it, where the opening was chiseled out. Attached on either side is an aluminum "L" bracket that was drilled and bolted into the concrete, this is where the chimney cap attaches.

"hellooooooooo".... Looking down into the new stainless chimney.

Here's the completed product with the new chimney cap to keep rain and bats out!


mismike25 said...

Looks great..........nice job guys!!!

Vagabond said...

You built that whole thing??? Nice. I think you should just be a carpenter.

patti said...

Wow... you have been a busy man!!! Looks great i cant wait till we can fire it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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