Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dog Fence

I Started putting up a new fence to keep the dogs from escaping, it is really easy to install, you basically just hammer in the posts that connect the sections together and thats all there is to it!
The pile of dirt is what I've been removing from the basement, bucket by bucket, it continues to grow everyday. Where I'm piling it is a lower area that slopes down, I'm trying to make the dog area level, so once I'm done piling on the dirt I can spread some topsoil and grass seed.

Some random pics taken from around the yard...

some of the poppies are blooming.

and the violets.

On a side note, the sump crock is dug down to the proper level, just need to start digging the trenches for the drain pipe that will connect to it.


patti said...

The gate looks great i wanna come over and see it better!!!!!! I love the thick iron!!! The poppies are so pretty!!!! And aunt Carol loves violets!!!!!! Your always working!

Vagabond said...

It looks pretty sweet. How tall is it? Its not Iron is it? There was 200' of old iron cemetery fencing for sale on craigslist last week, that would be perfect for your house.

Jaydub said...

Thanks, it is 30" tall, steel tubing, not solid iron, but its still pretty heavy. Thats funny, we actualy called the cemetary in town here the other day to see if we could buy 300' of their fence. We saw they were trying to raise a bunch of money for new fence. The guy that answered didn't know if they were replacing or repairing the old fence though, and nobody called us back. If we do get it, we will put it along the road in front.

Aunt C said...

Yes Aunt C does.....and I loved the pic of the old barn.......Thanks so much for sharing.....It makes me feel like I am nearer you kids...and your mom and dad......I miss all you.....
Love ya

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