Thursday, January 13, 2011

Attic Floor

Now that the holidays are behind us once again, its a good time to start rolling on some of the projects around the house. It seems like the "stuff" that we store mysteriously multiplies overnight. I think if I had a hidden camera I could catch our Christmas decorations, Halloween decorations, you name it, cloning itself and doubling in volume. I decided I better try and combat the problem to free up some room so I can actually get some work done. I started installing flooring up in the attic so the "stuff" has a nice new place to live.

I have been getting some work done in the bathroom as well. The walls are all primed and waiting for paint. While I'm waiting for some money to fall out of the sky so I can wrap this project up. As close as it is, I still have to dump a decent chunk of money into paint, flooring, doors, trim, vanity light and a medicine cabinet. Here is how the wall niche/shelf is looking:

And in this corner is where the pedestal sink will be mounted. Above it will be a corner medicine cabinet and the vanity light.
And the bedroom ceiling is patiently awaiting the stained glass dome. You can see the light box is complete, just needs a coat of paint.


Vagabond said...

Its looking pretty sweet. How is the glass dome going to be secured??

Jaydub said...

Thanks, it sits on top of the opening. The wooden "box" you can see has big hinged doors on top that open up into the attic. When the dome is done, it will be installed from the top. It will be a couple inches larger than the opening.

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