Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crown fit for a King

Whats better for a crown than gold?! Here is the start to the crown molding on the fireplace overmantel. I put the little wood blocks on for extra support, but after I got these pieces installed and I went to put the crown molding on, I realized I had made them too long, so after cutting them down shorter, I then realized I had cut them at the wrong angle. So about an hour later I ended up just prying them off and not using any support blocks.

Jump right to the end product. A full golden crown! I had to miter 10 seperate corners just to do the fireplace. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

And here you can see the rest of the matching crown molding up in the room.

A wider view.

And last, I just finished this up a few hours ago. I put in a engineered floating floor. They are 5" wide oak planks with "distress" to mimic an original wood floor. Installation is relatively simple, the planks just click-lock together.

Another view of the floor, I hadn't put the bathroom doors back on yet.

I can't believe the day has come, but I think its safe to say you can call it a bedroom now. Its not 100% finished, there is some trim work here and there, but its livable and we can finally move in.


Patti said...

im so proud of your talent,,, this is awsome ... you did great

RIDEFAST said...

Jason, I hadn't checked this blog in a long time. Your house is looking outstanding. I don't think I've been able to visit since the open house you had years ago. I bet its nothing of what I remember. Nice work.

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