Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This last week we had a pretty bad windstorm in the middle of the night. Starting about 1am there was sustained winds of 30-40mph with gusts reported at 54 mph. It was a pretty scary night, the house was creaking and moaning. The winds were coming from due West hitting the front of our house. To the West of the house is pretty much open field for 1 mile, needless to say, the wind was hammering us dead on.  After a pretty much sleepless night, daylight broke and the winds calmed into the 20's. There was a sigh of relief, no damage to the house. Upon going outside there was another story to be seen. Unfortunately the barn next door didn't survive the storm.
The roof was torn off in giant sections, you can see this half laying on the ground, mostly intact.
It was sad to see the barn destroyed, it was such a cool old backdrop, and the last remaining outbuilding from our houses early years. There has been a silo, a smaller barn and a windmill that have all come and gone in the last 150 years. It seems like these giant old barns are disappearing faster than ever.
Here's how she looked before the damage. R.I.P.

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