Sunday, April 19, 2009

140 trees

My order from the conservation district came in on Friday, over 140 trees. Pines, Oaks, maples, poplars, Redbuds, Dogwood, etc. Luckily I had help planting them, my dad, Nick, Jen and I got most of them in the ground Friday night. I finished up the rest over the weekend, they are all staked and the last thing to do will be to wrap them in chicken wire so the rabbits and deer don't eat them. I chose mostly fast growing trees, some of the poplars grow 4-5' per year, the Maples and White Pines should grow a couple feet per year, and the Oaks maybe a foot or so.

Doesn't look like much when they are all wrapped and in the cart, but there is 140+ trees there.

The boys lending a hand.

Here's a row of White Pines along my back property line that my dad planted. They are about 18"-24" tall.

Hurry up and grow!


Vagabond said...

Nice. Too bad the didn't grow lie 15' a year for the first couple years.

patti said...

they are gonna look great when they get bigger!

Mismike said...

Bet Bosco had the record for putting the most trees in, in the quickest time!!!! Go Bosco Go!!!

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