Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kids Playset

Christine has been wanting a playset for the boys, so when she found a used one on Craigslist for a decent price, she sent me to go get it. Nick and I went and partially disassembled it so it would fit in my truck & trailer and some in Nicks truck. When we got it home it was pretty easy to put back together as we had left all of the main pieces intact. The boys enjoy it so far, even though its still a little chilly out. Hopefully they play on it this summer. In the meantime I'm still making some progress on the bathroom, just nothing that has provided any interesting photos.


Vagabond said...

If they don't play on it, you should!

Aunt C said...

Oh your boys are gonna love it!! Great job of finding it Christine!!! And great job Nick and Jason for getting it up so quickly.....Great pics of the boys.....You are blessed!!!

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