Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lighted Crown Molding

In Zanders room I installed lighted dropped crown molding to make it extra special for him. He requested "blue" lights to go along with his favorite color that he wanted his room painted.

First I took a 5" base molding, that will be mounted upside down, and attached 45 degree backer blocks to it for attaching the crown molding. I cut an extra 45 off the edge of the blocks that will form a "V" channel for the rope lighting once the crown molding is attached in place.

Then I mounted all these "backer boards" completely around the room, the top edge is 5" down from the ceiling.

Here's a close up, and also the first couple pieces of crown molding are in place.

Finished product!

Its hard to get a good picture, but this is how it looks at night. Pretty cool!


Patti said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it, you are so dang talented, you did a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

connie c said...

how did you attach the angle blocks to the first board? I have to do this same application and have been looking into it.

Jaydub said...

I held the block in place against the base molding while I drilled 2 pilot holes from the back. Then I used 2 drywall screws into each block. They are really solid. Another option would be to put them all on with liquid nails, then once it dries, flip it over and add some screws. Good Luck!

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