Thursday, December 3, 2009

Water & Snow

Its been a long time coming, but the plumbing is FINALLY completely stubbed in for the master bathroom. It was such a relief to be done with that and when I turned the water on, there was only 1 leaking joint that I had to resolder. If you notice and are wondering why there are 3 water lines, it because one of them is a cold water return. This bathroom is so far from the water heater (about 70' of pipe) there would be a really long wait for hot water. To eliminate this I will be installing a recirculation pump that pumps water from the hot water line and into the cold return line. This will keep hot water in the lines so when you turn on the sink there will be warm water immediately.

Here's the tub faucet with actual WATER coming out! And no, thats not a blue bathtub.

One of the other projects I'm getting close to completing is Zanders room. Behind that drywall is the chimney. To the right of it is where I will be putting built in book shelves. At the bottom there is the heating duct, I just need to put on the last piece of drywall.

Also, we got our first snowfall of the winter tonight. Sprout was not very happy about that.


Aunt C said...

Oh my snow again!!

Vagabond said...

Sprout is a funny looking thing.

patti said...

i was so excited when you turned on the water and it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant beleave i was that happy! yes running water on the second floor!!!!!!!!!

patti said...

is Zanders room gonna be painted this weekend?????????????????????

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