Wednesday, September 8, 2010

1800's Pump Organ

The story goes that originally our house had a "built-in" organ underneath the front staircase, but a previous owner was tired of hearing it so he tore it out and threw it out back. Now, once again there is organ music filling the front entryway and spilling through the hall upstairs and also into the living room. After spotting this 1800's pump organ on Craigslist, we couldn't pass it up. It was refurbished a few years back by a previous owner and is still in great playable condition. The kids enjoy playing on it and have even learned a few simple songs. If you aren't familiar with a pump organ (like I wasn't up until going to look at this one), basically to play this organ, there are 2 foot pedals that you pump up and down filling the bellows with air. That's it, just pump the bellows and hit the keys... playing an actual song... now thats the hard part!


Rebecca Goerge said...

Very cool! The house looks like it is coming along. Brian was pretty bummed that he missed you guys on your way through. It was actually his first official day back at school.

Aunt C said...

WOW Jason what a find!!!! You did good my nephew!!!! Looks great

mom said...

Love you and christine and my boys!! and the house!! and the organ

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