Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ceiling Light - 1st Floor Bedroom

Adding a light to a room on the first floor is bit more involved than the rooms on the second floor. The walls and ceilings are finished already, so I didn't want to damage them. Also, unlike the 2nd floor, the room doesn't have attic space above it for access.

First I marked the center of the ceiling and cut my opening for the ceiling box.

I then cut in my switch box. It is double box, there will be a switch for a fan and a switch for the light. You can also see the trim around the door, it has been painted white.

Here is what is involved to run the wiring, I had to tear up some of the floorboards in the upstairs bedroom and drill holes through the joists. I then fed the wire down into the wall below to my switch box.

To be continued....

1 comment:

mismike said...

Your rewards for all your hard work will be an awesome home....one you can be very proud of.....one updated and yet remaining true to it's original period.......great job......

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