Monday, December 8, 2008

Artwork - Oil Painting

Work on the house has been slow lately, its been a very busy few weeks for other things however. My older brother was in visiting from Minnesota and my younger brother moved back from AZ. So lots of family stuff has been going on. In the meanwhile I figured I'd post a few pics of the artwork we've been awaiting for a few months now that finally arrived. What happened was me and Christine came across a painting we really liked by a famous old painter, Edmund Leighton, entitled "The Accolade", that was painted in 1901. Seeing how we could never afford the original, we did the next best thing and had a reproduction hand painted by an artist. It took just short of 4 months to get the painting, but they did a pretty good job on it. We wanted the painting to be rather large as our ceilings are 10'-3" tall, so there is plenty of wall space above the couch for it. The framed painting is almost 5' tall.


mismike said...

It really does look like they did a good job..........pretty close to original........the great thing is that you got the exact "size" you wanted for that space......Good job in selecting a great piece of art that reflects your home....and your family.....Interesting read on the meaning behind the painting....several views as to what the artist was thinking when he painted the original.....either way, the views were very meaninful....Enjoy

patti said...

this pictures is just BEAUTIFUL in person,,, wow is all i can say, i love it

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