Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gas Fire 2

We had a nice warm spell the last couple days here, yesterday it was 60 degrees out! Definately got the spring fever started. However, it will be dipping back into the 20's soon. In the meantime I ran some more gas line and fireplace #2 is up and running in the dining room. Now its nice and warm in there! Its pretty cool because the gas fireplaces are thermostaticaly controlled, so they turn on and off automatically to keep the room the right temperature.

A closer view.

Also was working on tearing out the fake brick that was on the floor surrounding the wood burning stove.


Vagabond said...

sprout is funny.

Mismike25 said...

Looks nice guys....oh my tons of work you are doing....but will all pay off in the end.....Love the fireplaces and the fact they are automatic.....also love the look of them......I thought I spotted a little mirror I sent you on the shelf? or is that one you already had? Looks the lion picture too.......Take care

Jaydub said...

Thanks! Yes, thats the mirror you sent us, good eye! I haven't had a chance to hang anything else yet. Soon!

patti said...

Sprout has Nikas pantys on!!!!!!! soon there will be 3 fireplaces up and running,,, then a 4th upstairs............. im thinking warm is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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