Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gas Fire

Last weekend we got a new gas fireplace for the parlor to help warm things up a little, and maybe help cut down the heating bill a little. The fireplace is a 99.9% effecient vent-free unit. It seems to be working pretty good throwing out alot of heat.

Elsewhere in my blog I've shown water lines and drain lines, now its time for some gas lines! So before we could use our new fireplace I needed to run the new lines. The line coming in from the right side in the pic is the existing supply line that runs up to the 2nd floor gas heater, it connected to the line in the picture that goes up through the floor and into the wall. I cut the pipes apart, took out the 90 degree elbow, replaced it with a tee, then added in a new shut off valve, then I connected my new line (to the left of the picture) to the other leg of the tee.

Here's the new fireplace in action (ignore the brown paneling on the walls, thats another project for another day)


Mismike said...

Fireplace looks great......the work on the pipes was tedious....but look at the great results.......love it....and love the color os the wood!!
Good job

Vagabond said...

Looks pretty nice. I like the wood paneling!

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