Saturday, February 21, 2009

XL Delivery - Fireplace 3

The wood burning fireplace for the living room showed up the other day. Between the fireplace and the chimney sections the shipping weight was 1000 pounds! Here's the delivery truck, it was too big to back up into my driveway because he would have to maneuver between the trees alongside the drive.

After unloading, we were able to wheel the lighter pallet (300lbs) up to the porch. The heavier pallet (700lbs) had to be left down in the driveway as the truckdriver and myself couldn't pull it any farther. After he left I hooked a tow strap on it and dragged it up closer to the house with my truck.

Here's the fireplace setting in the house after 4 of us managed to get it up the stairs. It definately wasn't easy. The fireplace is a high effeciency EPA approved unit, it was just made available in the U.S. last month (Jan. 09). It was a pretty expensive unit, but the plan is that it will heat most of the house. I will run ductwork from the fireplace to the upstairs of the house and the fireplace has a large blower to distribute heat. There are glass doors not on it yet in the pic, that seal the fireplace and allow it to burn for a long time (overnight) once loaded with wood. Another reason I went with this fireplace is the cool wrought iron detail on it, the doors also are trimmed in wrought iron and it should go really good with the style of our house.


Mismike said...

Boy you guys will be ready for the winter next year!! Kudos for doing things the right way....the investment of your hard labor, will be rewarded to you in the future years.....Thanks for sharing...

Patti said...

and the thing took 4 men to move in the house,,, could have used 4 more! its huge but awsome!!! I cant wait till its in!! The work Jason is doing is unreal!!!!! LOTS OF WORK ! and i wanna get back to walls and painting !

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