Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Dungeon

So I decided that this wouldn't be a very thorough documentation of my journey if I didn't include at least a few pictures taken from the realm of the "Scary basement".

You can never have enough valves. These are some of the new lines I put in, lots of stuff to work around, gas line, wiring, telephone line, heating ducts & floor joists. The ones pointing toward the bottom of the picture are just stubbed out for when I add the 3rd bathroom (upstairs).

Notice those nice parallel new pipes?

And last but not least a pic of the new drain line sloping across the basement.


patti said...

ummmmmmmm YIKES!

mismike said...

Don't think I be making any comments on your basement...scares the bee-gee-bee's out of me!!!!!!
Your mom has me looking for "circles and orbs"......your pipes and shut off's look nice...Hey, I'd try knocking a hole in one of those rocky walls and seeing if anything of value is buried in there.......but not bones......

patti said...

Good idea mismike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ill start digging down there this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vagabond said...

The dungeon does not see like an area of the house that I would be interested in dealing with. Actually I would have a hard time dealing with that house at all. I really admire all the effort and creativity that you are putting in to it.

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