Thursday, October 2, 2008

Master Bathroom

So here's where the bathroom is at so far. I have the tub, sink and toilet setting in place temporarily so I can lay out the plumbing.

Christine got her dream tub she's always been wanting, a claw foot princess slipper tub.

Pedestal sink mounted in the corner.

Here's Miles holding the ceiling dome that will go in. Its just shy of 4' tall and 3' wide. Unlike a normal ceiling medallion, this one is dome shaped, so it will require reworking the ceiling joists to fit it up into the ceiling. (I always take the hard way of doing things). When its done it will look like a custom built plaster ceiling, when in reality its a lightweight polystyrene dome! Also I will need to drill out a hole to mount a glass chandelier that will hang down from the center.


Vagabond said...

Thats a cool looking tub, hope it works out for you. i had one at my old apartment and hated it because its kind of a pain to take a shower in. How many bathrooms do you have??

Jaydub said...

I'm not even setting this tub up with a shower head. It will pretty much be Christine's bathroom. This will be bath #2, I will be putting in a third bathroom for the boys later on.

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