Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Master Bathroom again

Ok, back on the bathroom tonight. A little more cutting and the first 10' section of 3" pipe went down into the wall. It was sort of a relief to actually get that "link" in, as now I can visualize all the connections are gonna work out. Its always been lingering in the back of my mind if running plumbing all the way up there was even gonna be possible, but yes, yes it is! After I got that piece in I started taking out the ceiling joists that need to be moved for the dome.

In this view you can see the tee connection in the floor. The connection pointing to the right will go over to the toilet. The connection pointing up will be the vent stack that will run up into the attic and through the roof.

Remember this view? Well now there is a pipe coming down from above!

My helper for the evening. "Hand me that screwdriver"

Looking up, one of the ceiling joists removed, 1 more to go. Just have to cut the power and pull the wire out that runs through it. Its all the old cloth covered wiring that I will all be replacing anyway.


Vagabond said...

how many hours a day, on average do you work on your house??? do you listen to "especially in michigan" by red hot chilli peppers whilst your working on it??

Jaydub said...

Not enough hours! I need to spend some more time at it so I can get something interesting done and stop showing pictures of plumbing in walls. Last night was about an hour and a half worth. No, but I do listen to them while at work.

Jack said...

that little helper you have,,, he is pretty darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack said...

ummmmmmmmmmmmmm what are all those circles in this picture?? dust?

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