Friday, October 10, 2008

Fireplace Mantel

I didn't actually get any work done on the house tonight, but I did go pick up the marble mantel for the fireplace I will be putting in the master bedroom. The drive was a pretty painful 3-1/2 hours, but it was worth it. Its gonna reside right here in the dining room for awhile until I can get someone to help me carry it upstairs. I brought it in the house on my shoulder and it wasn't fun. I bet it weighs 200lbs.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous mantel....My gosh I can't believe you found something like it.....long drive but as you say "well worth it".....Is the mantel old? I think it should be a perfect addition to your remodel....Great find!!!

mismike said...

That was me Mismike that posted anonymously.....didn't mean to...but still learning!!!!!

Jaydub said...

Its old, but not sure how old... I wouldn't call it an antique really, maybe 30-40 years old??? Yep, it was a great find, just happened across it on Craigslist! I was looking for a fireplace and was planning on building a wooden mantel and surround, but this is alot better (and easier!).

Jack said...

wow thats realy pretty!!!! ill come help you carry it upstairs soon

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