Thursday, October 9, 2008

Side Project

Your probably thinking why don't I finish a project before I start a new one? Well, like a good novel, there is a bunch of little side stories and plots that lead up to the climax. Right now I'm just building up the storyline, giving little tidbits here and there before I tie them all together.

The master bedroom, with the soon to be master bathroom, has no master closet. The solution? Add one. To do this I will be framing out a 4' by 10' closet into an adjacent room. The adjacent room will eventually be one of the boys rooms. The room is rather large, so taking out a 4'x10' area isn't much of an issue. As you can see in this first picture, there was a door in the wall, and now there isn't. Well, when I'm done, there will be a door again. This door was not original to the house, it was added at some point, probably when the house was a 2-unit rental.

Here it is with the framing and drywall piece removed. On the other side of this drywall is the master bedroom.

OK, so those pictures were rather boring, how about I throw in a few bonus pictures from earlier in the evening. Some nice fall color, looks like I'll be doing some raking next week!

Check out that green lawn.


Vagabond said...

Those Giant trees are in your yard???? Cool.

Vagabond said...

If it was a two unit rental, do you have two kitchens??

Mismike said...

Jason, as the fish swims in many directions, so goes your the fall trees...your mom sends me pics of winter, spring and fall...and summer....I can see the changes of the seasons through her eyes.....and now from your blog...thanks for sharing..

Jaydub said...

No, not all those trees are mine unfortunately, at one point they belonged to the property though. On the old plat maps from the 1800's that I dug up, I found that the house used to sit on a 640 acre lot. Of course over the years it has been split off and sold, and now its a 3.4 acre lot. Its probably a good thing as I'm sure if it was still a huge amount of acreage the price woulda been out of my range. The previous owners lived in the house for 25 years and converted it back to a single family home, so no, not 2 kitchens/baths anymore, but I've found evidence of where everything used to be.
mismike, I'm glad you like, I'm happy to share!

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