Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Party

Last weekend we hosted a Halloween Party, about 25 people showed up and everyone seemed to have a good time. More than half the people were in costume, we had pirates, a fairy, nutcracker, dorothy, disco man, Medusa and some others, even Michael Phelps showed up to party.

Check out all the creepy food, eyeballs, worms, bones, spinal columns, etc.

Apparently we have a spider problem, the house is covered in webs.

Almost every room in the house had some sort of decoration.

The mad scientist in his butcher shop laboratory.

The halloween village.

Christine poses for a picture with gold medalist Phelps (Proud sponsor of Bud Light).

Is pumpkin head man passed out? No, his necks just tired from having a 40lb pumpkin on his head.


Vagabond said...

Wow, thats pretty cool. very fitting for your house. Looks like lots of freaks there.

Anonymous said...

I knew that house could be spooky......kidding..Looks like you all had a good time.

Jeannie said...

Ok, I hit the button that says name and still but me as anonymous.......I give
Wonder if it works this time

patti said...

Dad and I realy wish we could have been there!!!! NEXT YEAR WE WILL!!!!!!!!!!

Mismike said...

Looks like you guys enjoy Halloween for sure.....great job of decorating....any "real spirits" show up!?? Thanks for being there for your parents Jason.....Prayers going out for your father.....

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