Sunday, October 12, 2008

Staircase Chandelier

Where ya going with that 28' extension ladder?

In the house of course!

Right about here look good?

After some drilling and sawing to put a new ceiling box in... Taa Daa!

Tomorrow I just need to switch the electrical connection over in the attic and eventually plaster over the hole where the old fixture was. The old fixture was way off center of the staircase, my guess was they put it where it is because they could reach that area with a normal stepladder.


mismike said...

How big is the fixture? it looks huge......and fantastic in it's spot there......Your father looks very handsome and he taken? LOL
Is the fixture a vintage piece?
Thanks for sharing...

Jaydub said...

Its really big, over 4' tall, plus the chain it hangs from is over a foot long. It isn't vintage unfortunately, I got it at Lowes. Yep, dad helped me wrestle that giant ladder into place then we measured up and marked off the center of the ceiling.

jeannie said...

Vern and I check your site all the time. Great work on the house.
(getting a google password etc. has been a real pain though)

Jaydub said...

Cool, thanks, I'm glad you check the site out! Actually come to find out I don't think you need to login each time. Under the box you type your comment in, you can choose your identity and select "Name/URL" and then it allows you to just type your name in, instead of your username and password.

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