Saturday, October 11, 2008

Motorcycle Show

Whats a motorcycle show have to do with a Victorian House? nothing, but its my blog, so I can make up the rules as I go :) and seeing how I got first place in the Custom Harley class, I feel thats worth a post!
I built this bike from scratch pretty much, about all thats left from the Harley is the motor.
Back at home with the trophy.

Some other bikes in the show.


Vagabond said...

Thats awesome. Did you have on a black leather harley jacket by chance??? If not you need to get one. Did any of the other bikers get mad?? Were there Hells Angels and Mongrels there?? Obviously you need to start building a pole barn so you can open a custom cycle shop and get rich. yes.

Jack said...

i wanna see a picture of the trophy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack said...

i just learned if i click on your pictures they get bigger!!!!!!

Jack said...

ok now i see the trophy in the second picture!! NICE

mismike said...

Well the one thing I do know is I have a very very talented nephew....your energy and talent continue to amaze me.....Kudo's to your parents for raising some awesome boys.....Thanks for sharing

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