Sunday, October 5, 2008

Plumbing and Play Time

The task today was to cut an access hole in the parlor wall on the first floor to run the plumbing down into the basement. I cut through the paneling, plaster, lathe and 1" boards that comprise the walls of the old house. The walls are 7" thick compared to 4-1/2" in newer homes. After I opened up the wall I needed to cut down through the wall sill plate into the basement. This wall sits on a solid 8"x8" Oak beam, but luckily it is not centered on the beam, so I can run the drain pipes past it with a 45 degree bend and I only have to notch out an inch on the corner edge of the beam. After doing that, I couldn't help but call it a day as it was such a beautful and sunny fall day out. I took the kids and dogs out in the backyard for a few hours. The fall wildflowers are in full bloom. Lots of whites and purples (not sure what they are called though!).

The new hole in the parlor wall.

A close-up of where the 3" pipe will run through into the basement.

You can see the back of the house in the distance,
also the wildflowers and the dogs.

The boys and Sprout.


Vagabond said...

What is a parlor?? Can Zander beat up Miles? Your yard is freakin huge. If I lived there, I would practice doing cartwheels everyday, until I could do one all the way across the yard. I understand that you are busy though. You actually have your own forest kind of?? You should make it enchanted somehow. Also you should some how disable the stupid "word verification" requirement to post to your blog.

Jack said...

i just love your place!! the house and yard are unreal,,, a great place to bring up the boys!!!!

Lauri said...

Great job Jas!! I LOVE your house and can't wait to see how it will look when it's finished. You are very talented...Christine and the boys are lucky to have you!!

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