Friday, October 3, 2008

Sewing desk install

Well not all projects are fun or give you something to be proud of, but some of them just have to be done. The wife isn't the most organized person, and judging from the looks of the sewing room she might be considered the most UNorganized person. :) To help straighten things up a bit I installed a 9' long countertop/desk along one wall. I'll let her finish organizing, I did my part.

Thats better...


Vagabond said...

yes, interesting. Is that real brick in the background?

Jaydub said...

Nope, but there is a chimney behind there. I guess they didn't want beautiful dark brown paneling everywhere and decided that it would be cool to put fake brick over the chimney to go along with the fake wood. This room won't get remodeled for quite some time, its entirely useable how it is.

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